Satellite “Say The Words” Music Video (Video)

Picture 174Talk about using technology and publicity for Apple.

The lead singer of Satellite, Steven McMorran, has created an amazing new music video made almost entirely on his iPhone.

The video was made for California-based Satellite’s lead single “Say The Words” off of their 2010 EP “Ring The Bells.”

“Plastic guides surrounded by a suicidal urge to lose control, now to let this go, you’re paralyzed trying just to find a way to speak alone now that your all alone,” he sang in the new video as shots of him singing flipped through the screen.

“Say the words, say the words out loud, let them out of your soul,” he sang as performance shots took center screen and transformed into shots of scenic car rides and behind the scenes studio recording sessions. “As it is your hidden underneath this fight but sinking like a stone in love so far below the streets are paved with black and yellow lines that never lead you back to home love because your on your own.”

By far one of the coolest aspects of the video was the sporadic matrix-like scenes. In one scene, viewers watched as the lead singer was thrust up into the air and flew over a car and in another, took flight again as a dog ran under him.

Since going viral this past week, the video has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of YouTube users. “Steven McMorran, lead singer of Satellite, created this original video made almost entirely on his iPhone that in his mind, tells the story of the song,” reads the YouTube video description.

Check it out.