Lauren Odes Fired for Being ‘Too Hot’

Lauren Odes
(Credit: ABC7)
(Credit: ABC7)

Lauren Odes, a Manhattan woman, is suing her former bosses after she claimed she was fired for being “too hot,” ABC7 reported.

“When my supervisor asked me to tape down my breasts, I asked my supervisor, are you kidding?” Odes said in a statement.

After the 29-year-old realized her bosses were not kidding, she was insulted by what was happening at her new job, Native Intimates, a wholesale lingerie business.

“The treatment was discriminatory, profoundly humiliating and unlawful.” Gloria Allred, Odes’ lawyer, told ABC7.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reportedly investigated and found Odes was allegedly discriminated against due to her gender and religious beliefs.

The attractive blond was hired by Native Intimates on April 24 to coordinate shipments of sample to customers. Though she was only there briefly, Odes was quoted as saying that her supervisors complained daily about her appearance and clothing choices. She said there was no dress code and other employee wore tank-tops and casual clothes.

The “too hot” Manhattan woman alleged the company’s Orthodox Jewish Owners thought her clothes were drawing too much attention, and covering up would be for her “own safety.”

After trying to please her supervisors for over a week with her clothing, they finally gave her a red bathrobe to wear, which they deemed was more appropriate.

“I felt ridiculous and extremely embarrassed, others in the office were laughing and asking why I was wearing it and I told them what I was told,” Odes said.

Odes, who felt uncomfortable in the robe, removed it and bought another outfit for the following day. The next day her bosses called her to say she was fired. She believes it is because her breast size and body type.

“I do not feel an employer has the right to impose their religious beliefs on me when I’m working in a business that’s not a synagogue, but sells things with hearts on the female genitals and boy shorts for women that say hot in the buttocks area,” she said.

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