Madonna Shows Swastika at Concert in Israel (Video)

Madonna Swastika
(Credit: YouTube)
Madonna Swastika
(Credit: YouTube)

Madonna reportedly displayed a swastika to an Israeli crowd during her recent concert in Tel Aviv.

Now French politician Marine Le Pen is getting on Madonna’s case for the controversial act. During the 1:10 mark on the YouTube video of the offending performance, viewers can see a swastika — a symbol of the Nazi-led Germany during The Holocaust in World War II that killed millions of Jews — to the left of the screen.

Then at the 1:34-minute mark in the video she transforms into Hitler with a swastika on her forehead.

Madge may be headed for some legal trouble if she does not take the image out during her French tour, France’s right-wing National Front party politician, Le Pen, told The Daily Mail.

“We understand how old singers who need to get people talking about them go to such extremes,” Le Pen was quoted as saying. “If she does that in France, we’ll be waiting.”

“We are not a Nazi party, and object to being depicted as such,” the newspaper quoted an anonymous source from inside the party as saying. “If Madonna repeats this slur in France then she will certainly be taken to court.”

That definitely sounds like a threat to the Material Girl.

Le Pen is likely extra sensitive about the swastika appearing in Madonna’s concert because La Pen’s father is convicted anti-Semite and racist Jean-Marie Le Pen, The Daily Mail reported. He led the National Front party until his daughter, Marine, took over. She had since promised to reform the party.

The swastika image appears during Madonna’s song, “Nobody Knows Me,” and she also has images of Pope Benedict XVI, Hu Jintao and Sarah Palin. At the end of the concert Madge tells her followers that she wishes for world peace.

Do you think Madge will censor herself for France?