Kardashian’s $5 Million Lawsuit

kk bikini
(Credit: latestcbsnews.com)

The Kardashian trio, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe are being sued by four angry QuickTrim users for $5 million, the only problem for the plaintiffs is that the money hungry Kardashians don’t plan on coughing up any cash.

The curvaceous reality stars have taken legal action and they want their names removed from a $5 million lawsuit, according to TMZ.

The famous “K” sisters represent the company as their celebrity spokes models for QuickTrim, which is a diet regime that has different products designed to detoxify the body and assist people who are dieting and exercising to lose weight.

All seemed fine until four unsatisfied customers stated they bought the products because of the celebutantes. In March they filed legal papers against the Kardashians in New York, saying the stars made false claims about the effectiveness of QuickTrim when they were advertising the product.

But the Kardashians are not going to take this one lying down, because no one loves money more than them and they’re not willing to give a cent of it away to anyone- unless it’s making them look good.

As a result, the Kardashians are filing their own legal documents to have their names removed from the lawsuit. The stars are claiming they were just doing their job by endorsing the product and therefore not responsible for any supposed false advertisement, TMZ said.

So since they’re not the ones selling it, and they’re just endorsing it, the Kardashians do not think they should be held responsible. What do you think, are the Kardashian sisters to blame?