The Ultimate Runway Model Fails Compilation Video Goes Viral (Video)

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A model tries to avoid a swinging pendulum while walking the runway.

Whoever said runway models have it easy should watch this new video.

In a new viral video, the seemingly simple task of walking down the runway seems to be anything but simple.

“Runway models fall down go boom,” reads WorldWideInterweb.com, a site that recently posted a video compilation of some of the most entertaining runway model fails caught on camera.

While the footage may cause some giggles from viewers, it also proves that it isn’t so easy being a model, with models seen falling head first, on their butts and even off the runway itself.

Sure their gigantic heels can be blamed for some of the falls, but others can blame serious obstacles like water and swinging objects that plagued their paths…

Since going viral, it seems that viewers have taken a liking to the hilarious video— Really though, who wouldn’t love it? The video has garnered over 100,000 views since it was first being posted along with a slew of comments.

One user commented on the video’s entertainment value, “Omg, im laughing so hard im crying,” while others focused on the cause of the falls: high heels.

“High heels are the stupidest inven[t]ion ever made by humankind,” one YouTube user commented. Another commented  “You can almost hear their ankles snapping,” while another said, “It’s like watching a baby deer learn to walk.”

Check it out.