Shia Labeouf Nude Scene in Music Video

Shia LaBeouf
Shia LaBeouf in video (Photo credit: YouTube)
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Shia LaBeouf in video (Photo credit: YouTube)

Shia Labeouf showed a whole new side of himself – literally – in the music video of Fjogur Piano, by Icelandic Indie band, Sigur Ros.

In the video, the Transformers star strips down to perform a full frontal nude scene opposite actress Denna Thomsen. The two appear as a couple who are trapped in an ongoing cycle of addiction to sex, drugs, or anything, according to Director Alma Har’el.

It begins with the two waking up in bed and staring at each other in the nude. They begin dressing and performing bizarre dance moves that imply certain gestures. They are then blindfolded by two men who give them glowing lollipops and take them on what can be described as a LSD trip.

The couple then end up in a bedroom of dead butterflies where they breakdown and release their distress both emotionally and physically. Thomsen screams at Labeouf’s character to open his eyes and look at the dead butterflies. Labeouf becomes violent and attacks Thomsen by scarring her back. The film ends at the beginning scene, with the two waking up to repeat the cycle.

Director Alma Har’el said the film’s main point is how people become trapped in their obsessions and addiction and are unable to escape without hurting someone close to them, according to reports. He says the dead butterflies represent how all that is good is destroyed by the destructive effects of addiction.

Click here for the video: Warning NSFW