‘Toy Story 4’ Rumors: Another ‘Toy Story’ Coming Out?

2010 toy story 3 007

Disney Pixar fans will be happy to learn that some of their favorite films might be receiving sequels.

Rumors have circulated recently about Toy Story 4 and Finding Nemo 2 getting the green light from Disney. With the official confirmation of a Monsters Inc. sequel (‘Monsters University’ is set for release June 2013), we suppose anything is possible.

The rumor of a possible Toy Story 4 began last year when actor Tom Hanks, who is the voice of Woody in the Toy Story films, told BBC News last year that he believed another installment for the series was already in the works. Though rumors are spreading about a fourth movie, there is no telling what the plot of Toy Story 4 might be.

Will it be a prequel? Will it continue from where the third movie left off? Fans of the series will have to imagine that on their own for now. Toy Story has grown to become one of the most successful franchises in animated film history.

Another sequel rumored to be in the making is Finding Nemo 2.

According to www.telegraph.co.uk, numerous industry outlets have reported that the director of the first Finding Nemo, Andrew Stanton, will be returning for the sequel. The original film, which came out back in 2003, made an impressive $865 million at the box office and won an Oscar for Best Animated Film.

For those who haven’t seen the original Finding Nemo you can always check out the 3-D version, which is coming out in September.