Pixar Sequels In The Works

Picture 8

Picture 8At least three popular Pixar movies are reportedly about to come to life again with sequels to a few of the top animated flicks.

Finding Nemo 2 and a sequel to Monsters Inc. are both expected to be released in the coming years.  Reports have also stated that Toy Story 4 could very well be in the works, but reports have not been confirmed.

The originals of these movies combined achieved hundred of millions of dollars in box office sales.

Pixar has confirmed that Monsters Inc. will be releasing their sequel, Monsters University, on June 21, 2013.  A new director as been chosen for Finding Nemo 2 and Tom Hanks told BBC News last year that he believed Toy Story 4 was already “being worked on.”

Monsters University is expecting hundreds of millions in profits because the original was a worldwide hit.  Monsters Inc. became the fourth most successful Disney-Pixar releases of all time, grossing more the $520 million in 2001.  A trailer was already released giving the audience a sneak peek into the upcoming movie.

Finding Nemo 2 is reportedly in production at Pixar studios but they have yet to release a date.  Pixar reportedly has chosen a new director, Andrew Stanton, to direct the new movie.  The original Finding Nemo brought in $867 million in the box office in 2003.

Toy Story 4 rumors were sparked when Tom Hanks, the voice of Woody, mentioned in an interview that he believed that the fourth installment was being worked on.  Multiple reports have stated that Toy Story 4 is expected to be released sometime in 2015. Pixar, however, has yet to confirm any of these reports.  Toy Story 3 earned more than $1 billion globally and also won an Oscar.

Check out the new trailer of Monsters University.