B-List B-Day: Matt “Joey Tribbiani” Leblanc

29BlistBayMatt “Joey Tribbiani” Leblanc
July 25, 1967

Matt Leblanc, a Leo, is best known (and really, only known) for his role on the hit sitcom Friends.

He’s now starring in a TV series on Showtime called Episodes, which is becoming a critic favorite. Leos like Leblanc are known for their style and good humor, which many a Friends fan can attest to with an inviting “How you doin’?”

Leblanc has remained out of the spotlight for years, as he experienced the peak of his career with Friends, which ended in 2004.

But Leos aspire to be stars, and Leblanc got his chance that very same year with the ill-fated spin-off Joey. Two years and one canceled show later, Leblanc was right back where he started.

Then, last year, he returned to the small screen with the aforementioned Episodes, playing the character he plays best: Matt Leblanc.