B-List B-Day: Drew “Bieber, Who?” Lachey

30BListDrew “Bieber, who?” Lachey
July 28, 1990

Nick Lachey’s younger brother and a fellow member of boy band 98 Degrees, Drew Lachey, a Leo, has been more recently known for his Dancing with the Stars success with professional dance partner Cheryl Burke.

They were crowned the champions of the show at the end of its second season in 2006; since then, Drew’s been pretty quiet, only hosting a few shows here and there. Leos tend to be devoted and faithful in their relationships, and judging by his 10-year marriage to Lea Dellecave, not to mention his two children, it’s safe to say that’s the case here.

Leos also tend to have radiant energy, and that is definitely true of Lachey.

It’s not exactly easy to serve as a combat medic in the U.S. Army or as a New York City EMT, both of which he’s done, and you can’t say that about many pop stars.

But don’t worry—if Justin Bieber ever joins the Canadian Army, we’ll let you know.