B-List B-Day: Amber “Been There, Done That” Rose

OCT. 21, 1983

Amber Rose, a Libra, is a model, recording artist, actress and socialite—at least that’s what her Wikipedia page says.

We all know her for being romantically connected with Kanye West, Reggie Bush, Fabolous and currently, Wiz Khalifa; her bleached blond head fuzz; leaked nude pictures; and becoming a stripper at the age of 15.

Librans are known for having starry eyes that voraciously seek out their Prince or Princess Charming.

Rose has had both. Before she met Kanye West, she had two long-term relationships with women.

Because of their love for love, Librans tend to be blind in matters of the heart, which explains why diamond-toothed egomaniac Kanye West of all people was the man who got Rose to switch to the other team—and why a tattooed gremlin is the one who kept her there.