B-List B-Day: Nicole “Snooki, Snickers, Schnook” Polizzi

42BList e1353506697741Nicole “Snooki, Snickers, Schnook” Polizzi 

Nov. 23, 1987

Snooki, a Sagittarius, is somehow only 24.

Her birthday fell on Thanksgiving Eve last year, which couldn’t have been more appropriate.

Sagittarians love the good life. But this new mama’s drunken nights, and mornings, are on hold for now.

This year Snooki’s birthday falls on Black Friday.

So instead of celebrating her birthday with a shot in each hand and her Jersey Turnpike in the air, this newly tamed guidette will probably be spending her day at the nearest Black Friday sale, with arms full of leopard print baby gear—and this Thanksgiving, eating meatballs instead of acting like one.

Yes, we’re crying, too.