Bad Lip Reading At Its Football Finest

Bad Lip Reading NFL Football Video

Bad Lip Reading NFL Football VideoOk, so there’s this thing. It’s called “Bad Lip Reading.” I don’t know if you’ve seen it before, but if you have, you probably think it’s great.

Just like if you’ve seen me before, amirite ladies?

Anyway, the good folks at Bad Lip Reading usually turn their talents toward politicos, but this time, since there are no dimwitted politicos left running for anything, there’s not much fodder from that domain.

So they have turned to America’s other favorite thing where people revel in crushing their opponents, football.

Waterboy’s mom once said, in her infinite wisdom, “Foosball is the devil!” But I can tell you that today, foosball is not the devil. Foosball is the happy start to your day. Like a happy ending. But much, much different.

So, to those who see an article with a video in it, and don’t just immediately skip down and play said video, who actually read the words, appreciate the prose and wait to be told to click play to watch the video, you may now click play to watch the video.