The Latest Episode of Simon’s Cat Because The Internet Needs More Cats


simons-catI’ve been busy. You think all I do is sit at my desk all day and scour the interwebs to find the types of awesomeness that I have already delivered to you on an e-platter for the past month?

The answer is yes.

But sometimes, I am very swamped with other work, and an unable to write about them.

(And by very swamped with other work, I mean I forget.)

Anyway, for this episode of The Buzz, I kinda cheated. It’s not that awesomazing. Some of you will think it’s stupid. But people who WOULD like it, but might not already know about it, they’ll love it.

It’s like me introducing a great new thing to people who were previously unaware of it.

Like chocolate.

Or smallpox.

So, do you know about Simon’s Cat?


Do you have a cat?

If the answers to those questions are “No” and “Yes,” BUT IT MUST BE IN THAT ORDER, you’ll probably spend the next 1,228 minutes watching other videos in this series.

(Sorry to the bosses of people-with-cats-who-didn’t-previously-know-about-Simon’s-Cat. They weren’t working anyway.)

Here’s the newest Simon’s Cat. I can relate because DAMN YOU PARKERR!

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