Brushy One String – Chicken In The Corn (Video)



Jamaican music is not for everybody.

Sure, everybody likes the smooth roots reggae styles, most people, stoners and non-stoners alike, can vibe along to Marley’s music (Bob, not Owen Wilson’s dog that dies. Spoiler alert. Wait, did I do that backwards? Anyway…)

Some adventurous (white) people can even get down to a bit of dancehall reggae (though you should NOT try daggering. Trust me. In fact, don’t even Google it. NO! DON’T!!! Ugh. You did, didn’t you? I told you not to.)

Anyway anyway, there is a movie, Rise Up, which documents Jamaica’s underground music scene. It seems fascinating, and I’m sure it is. It won all kinds of those awards with the leaves that movies get at festivals and such but nobody ever knows about them even when they get nominated for an Oscar like Beasts of The Southern Wild.

In it, apparently, there is an artist known as Brushy One String. Brushy One String and his one string make an enjoyable bluesy-reggae-fun mix of music that is vastly more entertaining than much of the music that comes from places with 80,000,000 times more technology (and strings) than Brushy One String has here.

For that, he has satisfied my need to buzz.

So, widdout furder adoo, ere is Brushy One Strung. Ee’s a greet mewsick maykah an yah gunnuh love wahee do. (To be read with a Jamaican accent).

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