Suffolk Cops Save Ronkonkoma Drug Overdose Victim

Less than 24 hours after an off-duty Suffolk County police officer revived an elderly man suffering from a heart attack, another group of officers and volunteer firefighters revived another man who had overdosed on drugs, police said.

The second incident, which occurred Saturday morning in Ronkonkoma, involved three officers and members of the Lakeland Fire Department who responded to the scene after police received a 911 call regarding a male that had overdosed, police said.

Fourth Precinct officer Jennifer Andriano was the first to respond to the Calvert Avenue home of the overdose victim and immediately began CPR, police said. Two other officers—Keith Weinberg and Daniel Sable—and firefighters also assisted with CPR before Weinberg administered a dose of Narcan, a prescription drug that reverses opiate overdoses.

The 26-year-old man regained consciousness and was transported to Saint Catherine of Siena Medical Center in Smithtown.

In the other incident, the off-duty officer was inside a Mount Sinai store when he helped revive an 86-year-old man who fell to the ground after suffering a heart attack.