Dear Most Skateboarders: You Suck. Signed, This Guy

Bob Burnquist skateboarding video


This guy is Bob Burnquist. He is among the most influential skateboarders the industry has ever seen.

(I know this because it says so in the description of this video on YouTube, so it must be true.)

This is a nicely shot, nicely edited, nice sounding video of some insane skateboarding stuff.

You don’t have to like skateboarding to be able to appreciate the amount of skill, strength and courage it takes to do stuff like this.

Oh yeah. And then there’s the helicopter…

Meanwhile, I’m happy I can usually run up the stairs two at a time without tripping and falling up the stairs.

Enjoy. Then go back to Extreme Excel Documenting.

EDIT: Apparently, as evidenced by some comments below, some in the skateboard community took offense to my headline. As you can also see by my response, it was not meant to insult the craft nor those who participate in it. In fact, of you read any of my other “buzz” items, I hope you’d see I speak/write in extreme hyperbole quite often. So relax. I respect all who partake in this activity, at any level. The headline was simply meant to snarkily convey the extreme nature of the video, in a way that might catch the attention of those who wouldn’t normally have taken a look at skateboarding footage. This, I hope, brought new admirers to the sport, which is why I chose to highlight this footage in the first place. I would have thought that my complimentary and then self-depreciating comments in the write up would have made it clear that I am in awe of such talent, and that when I say “most skateboarders suck” it would have been taken as an obvious exaggeration, if anything, calling out the same kind of posers that the purist skateboarders themselves would probably call out. So, that’s that.