This Guy: 1 – Most Other Boyfriends: 0


Sorry dudes. I know you feel like I’m setting us up for failure here, but I’m actually doing us a favor.

On the surface, this video may embarrass us and our piddling gift-giving abilities. It may make our ladies look at us with disdain and say, “Hmph. Now THAT’S how you give a gift, moron!” It may remind us that we still haven’t gotten a gift for our wife whose birthday is THIS FRIDAY OMG DAMMIT….

But don’t look at it like any of that. Look at it as motivation. Inspiration!! An example of the type of creativity that you can apply to your relationship, that your significant other will treasure immensely and for eternity.

Unless she’s like, a golddigger, then this won’t really help you much…

Anyway, internet legend has it that this guy, in an attempt to one-up his own prior year’s gift (“Will you marry me?”) found an old relic from his Fiancee’s childhood, and embarked on a monstrously time-consuming search for an exact replica, to replace the parts of the original that had been lost through the years.

The result was incredibly touching as you will see and HEY, WHO THE HELL IS PEELING ONIONS IN HERE?!?!?

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