Mo’ Sochi, Mo’ Problems: Twitter’s @SochiProblems Relays Olympic-Sized Fail Tweets

Mo’ Sochi,

Sochi toilets - OlympicsWhile we prepare for a production of pageantry and perfectly proportioned people presenting powerful and precise performances, some people are having #SochiProblems.

While the world awaits the Sochi Winter Games, the Olympic event is receiving a bit of a bad reputation, even before it has officially begun, as those visiting, journalists in particular, are reporting from behind the scenes of the worldwide extravaganza.

Much of what they report, or at least much of what it catching people’s attention, isn’t great.

From plumbing problems to unfinished hotels to double-toilets (!), the stream of folks putting a comedic spin on the accommodations, or lack thereof, is quite steady.

One place, a Twitter account created especially for the occasion, helps keep track of others who are commenting, in one tidy, giggle-inducing place.

Welcome to @SochiProblems!

For the uninitiated, Twitter parody accounts are created to poke fun at certain figures or instances that capture the attention of others.

For instance, a Twitter account was “created by” the escaped Bronx Zoo snake, documenting its adventure in the urban wild:


And one of my favorites, that unfortunately has seen it’s endo, Mayor Bloomberg… en Espanol:


Now, we have @SochiProblems!! … Happily retweeting the tweets of troubled travelers. Tweets like these:






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