NYPD #myNYPD Twitter Campaign Goes Horribly Wrong

#myNYPD Twitter disaster

A seemingly innocent Twitter campaign meant to promote the NYPD’s relationship with the community went horribly—horribly—wrong.

We mean, horrible.

On Tuesday, the person at the helm of the NYPD’s Twitter account sent out this gem of a tweet to the department’s nearly 100,000 followers:

Upon noticing what now appears to be an ill-conceived attempt at public relations, Twitter users responded with photos of alleged police beatings and other messages poking fun at the country’s largest police force.

The hashtag #myNYPD soon became a trending topic nationwide.

Here’s how Twitter reacted:

To be fair, it wasn’t all bad:

Maybe the NYPD should have consulted with R. Kelly before embarking on this venture.

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