IRS Lawyer Charged With Shipping Meth to Long Island


An attorney for the Internal Revenue Service was charged Wednesday with shipping methamphetamine from Washington, D.C. to buyers on Long Island and elsewhere for years, federal authorities said.

Jack Vitayanon is facing conspiracy charges for allegedly using Federal Express to ship 500 grams of meth to LI and Arizona. He was arrested the nation’s capital and is facing the charges at Central Islip federal court.

“The defendant—a federal attorney working for the IRS’s Office of Professional Responsibility—broke bad and supplemented his income by selling distribution quantities of methamphetamine,” Robert Capers, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, said while making a reference to Breaking Bad, the TV show about a meth-dealing school teacher.

Prosecutors said 41-year-old man conspired with others that authorities did not name to distribute the highly addictive drug.

Undercover investigators recorded negotiations to buy meth from the suspect, including an internet video chat in which he appeared to be smoking meth from a glass pipe, authorities said. When authorities executed a search warrant at his home, they found meth, drug paraphernalia, packaging materials and drug ledgers, according to investigators.

The IRS declined to comment on his arrest.