Horoscopes by PsychicDeb for April 2017

Horoscopes 2017

Aries – you’ll provide balance, warmth, and diplomacy that your family situation requires. Your wish for peace and harmony is strong now. Don’t insist on stubborn views if you want a celebration to go off as planned. Taurus, Libra and Scorpio are in the picture.

Taurus – this month’s emphasis is on humanitarian projects, charity drives, or other generous activities. You’ll operate best in private, not publicizing your generosity. A visit to one confined to a home or hospital will be particularly appreciated and useful. Number 9 is best.

Gemini – the lunar cycle is high, assuring you’ll be at your best. Dress in a glamorous style; project an image of confidence. You may be extra sensitive to sights, sounds and comments. Give yourself space if you need it. Mutual appreciation is heightened.

Cancer – you’ll make a good impression or meet an important person. This could be an important month for love, money, and prestige. Your ability to lead others is spot-lighted, although there may be a great age difference in associates at this time. Try number 8 for luck.

Leo – a long search for an item of purchase will finally be concluded. You’ll get what you want but should avoid haggling over price. Generosity with others will pay off in future good will. The accent is also on your value systems. Aries shows you a new way to go.

Virgo – original ideas will be profitable. Forge ahead on a new path; don’t allow old concepts to limit your current creativity. Someone in some branch of show business can help you put thoughts into concrete form. Romance is favored. Look out for number 1.

Libra – follow through on a hunch, especially in regard to a communication project. You’ll learn through teaching, explaining or otherwise helping others to gain knowledge. A neighbor has something vital to discuss with you. A Cancer appreciates your ideas.

Scorpio – accept a social situation that is offered. You won’t want to stay in one spot; you’ll circulate among people who are well-educated, traveled and open-minded. If you must decide among several ideas; choose only what is best for you. The lucky number is 3.

Sagittarius – this routine month allows you to review, revise and get better organized. A family member will help; all you have to do is ask, but you should not hand over details that need your personal attention. Your desire to escape is emphasized. Stick to each task and reap great rewards.

Capricorn – your sense of freedom grows. You’ll benefit by a change of scenery and variety. Accept an invitation for a brief trip in your area, but make home the center of your attention otherwise. Someone who calls you has romance on the mind, plus good talk. Number 5 is the best.

Aquarius – you’ll make needed domestic adjustments, including a change of furniture or color scheme. Your creative talents are strong; you’ll enjoy beautifying your environment. A family member who was out of sorts will be more cooperative. Libra plays a major role.

Pisces – the emphasis this month is on romance, dreams, and unrealistic expectations. You won’t be seeing someone of the opposite sex clearly so go slow. View a sentimental film, attend a theater, or listen to out-of-this-world music for enjoyment. The lucky number is 7.


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