Photo Essay: Harvest Season on Long Island

A Long Island farmer harvests his crops (Photo by Benny Migs).
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Apple pickers visit a local orchard (Photo by Benny Migs)
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A farm hand picks vegetables at a local farm (Photo by Benny Migs)
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A bee pollinates a sunflower at a Long Island farm. (Photo by Benny Migs)
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Families pick their own pumpkins at an LI farm (Photo by Bob Giglione)
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A farmer takes visitors on a hay ride (Photos by Bob Giglione)
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A baby picks a pumpkin (Photo by Bob Giglione)
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A little boy rides in a wagon at a fall festival (Photo by Bob Giglione)
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A bushel full of gourds. (Photos by Bob Giglione)
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A woman picks some corn (Photo by Bob Giglione)
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The string bean crops await harvesting (Photo by Bob Giglione)
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A scarecrow keeps the birds at bay. (Photo by Bob Giglione)

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