Ask A Psychic: Can You Help Me?

Close-up of spiritualistic seance
Close-up of spiritualistic seance in fortune telling salon

As a psychic/medium, I have clients reach out to me often. Booking appointments to connect to the deceased is my business. But delivering messages and healing hearts is sometimes beyond a psychic/medium’s abilities.

I struggle daily with making decisions that can change someone’s life forever. I know I am not being hired to perform the abilities of a therapist nor am I licensed to do that. Yet, there is no way a good-natured soul can turn their back on another who is suffering.   

I know I cannot solve everyone’s problems. Yet, I must try to lend an ear and listen to what the client’s emotional and spiritual needs are. Reaching far beyond speaking to their loved ones who have passed, I must lend guidance and comfort.

So, if extra time is spent in a reading, or texts and emails follow a session, that is OK. My profession does not stop when the buzzer goes off. My profession is a way of life for me and I am passionate about helping those who need support.

Living with the ability to speak to the dead is not easy. Countless sleepless nights and worrying about the safety and health of my clients can be emotionally draining.

But my clients are good people who have had difficult life lessons and experiences that brought them to see me. They are all open-minded, healthy skeptics seeking answers to life’s mysteries. It is my duty to serve these clients in the purest way.

Can I help them? Well, I will surely try. Give it my all every step of the way.  

I was raised as a strict Catholic who never turns their back on those who suffer. I relish the fact that I am blessed with such a beautiful gift that heals so many hearts.  

I pride myself on 20 years of spreading love and joy to those who need it. Most of all, I use my abilities as the means to spread kindness. My goal is to help as many people as I can as long as life keeps me here. I am humbled to share my gift.

A new year is upon us. Ask yourself, how can I help myself become a better person? How can I help others tackle their problems?

My life’s purpose is to be an angel to everyone I meet. My clients will always feel that during a reading and take with them the parting gift of compassion. So my New Year’s resolution is to help everyone, every way I can.

Mary Drew, The North Shore Psychic Medium, hopes to share her experiences with those who have encountered grief. She can be reached at marydrew.net

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