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Ask A Psychic: Can You Help Me?

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As a psychic/medium, I have clients reach out to me often. Booking appointments to connect to the deceased is my business. But delivering messages and healing hearts is sometimes beyond a psychic/medium’s abilities.

I struggle daily with making decisions that can change someone’s life forever. I know I am not being hired to perform the abilities of a therapist nor am I licensed to do that. Yet, there is no way a good-natured soul can turn their back on another who is suffering.   

I know I cannot solve everyone’s problems. Yet, I must try to lend an ear and listen to what the client’s emotional and spiritual needs are. Reaching far beyond speaking to their loved ones who have passed, I must lend guidance and comfort.

So, if extra time is spent in a reading, or texts and emails follow a session, that is OK. My profession does not stop when the buzzer goes off. My profession is a way of life for me and I am passionate about helping those who need support.

Living with the ability to speak to the dead is not easy. Countless sleepless nights and worrying about the safety and health of my clients can be emotionally draining.

But my clients are good people who have had difficult life lessons and experiences that brought them to see me. They are all open-minded, healthy skeptics seeking answers to life’s mysteries. It is my duty to serve these clients in the purest way.

Can I help them? Well, I will surely try. Give it my all every step of the way.  

I was raised as a strict Catholic who never turns their back on those who suffer. I relish the fact that I am blessed with such a beautiful gift that heals so many hearts.  

I pride myself on 20 years of spreading love and joy to those who need it. Most of all, I use my abilities as the means to spread kindness. My goal is to help as many people as I can as long as life keeps me here. I am humbled to share my gift.

A new year is upon us. Ask yourself, how can I help myself become a better person? How can I help others tackle their problems?

My life’s purpose is to be an angel to everyone I meet. My clients will always feel that during a reading and take with them the parting gift of compassion. So my New Year’s resolution is to help everyone, every way I can.

Mary Drew, The North Shore Psychic Medium, hopes to share her experiences with those who have encountered grief. She can be reached at marydrew.net

Ask A Psychic: What Do Spirits Look Like?

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At a very early age in life my I saw people from the other side. People are always taken back by the fact that I see deceased people. But, since this gift has been with me always, I am used to it.

At age of 10, my first memorable visitation came from my maternal grandmother, Mary. Many people ask me what she looked like the day she appeared at my bedside. There was nothing unusual or different about her physical appearance. She looked, smelled and sounded exactly as I knew her.

After more spiritual moments, I understood that not all apparitions would appear as my grandmother did. Energy can take shape in my ways.

Have you ever thought you saw a ball of light or shadow move across a room? Witnessed a mist or cloud of smoke form before you?  Spot an image of a man, woman or child standing before you? If you answer yes to any of these, then you have had an experience with someone or something from the afterlife.  

Family members, friends, pets and even angels are among the apparitions I see. Sometimes, a dark shadow emerges or a pale white powder forms, but more often than not, the spirits for me are clear – like flesh and blood – as if they were still alive.   

In horror films, spirits are often portrayed as evil, ill, injured or otherwise broken. Thankfully, I view souls at their best. Death brings peace and comfort to the soul. The energy is bright and fully developed to reach the highest potential that one’s soul can maintain. The image is humbling for me.

My richest experience was with my brother John. The first time I saw him was one month after he had passed away almost 19 years ago. The visit impacted my life so deeply that I promised myself I would celebrate John’s life in a manner worthy of his constitution.

He sat at the end of my bed one warm summer morning and brought me the ultimate gift of love and light. I could feel his strength and compassion through his stare and heard the sweet tone of his voice. He promised me I would heal and carry forward the gift of a child to my family to help the others heal.  

Nine months later, a beautiful baby girl was born and began my family’s journey back to happiness. So, no matter what you believe about the afterlife, find peace in everything that surrounds you.  

Mary Drew, The North Shore Psychic Medium, hopes to share her experiences with those who have encountered grief. She can be reached at marydrew.net

Ask A Psychic: Are Spirits Around Us?

When my brother died almost 20 years ago, we discovered that an ordinary, common symbol seen our entire lives had become our family’s coping mechanism.

That symbol was a butterfly. It brought feelings of healing to our broken hearts and a sense that through rebirth and transition, he had successfully made that great journey beyond.

After a loved one passes on, many feel a heavy grief, emptiness and sorrow that the departed will never be seen again. These feelings may be why many passed loved ones try to get messages over to us.  

Sometimes, the messages bring us healing; other times, a friendly hello. Spirits love sending us signs and symbols to show that they are with us for important events or celebrations. Signs can come to us in a multitude of ways.

One of the best ways for deceased family and friends to speak with us is while we sleep. Dreams can connect the human and spirit world. While we rest, we give thoughts and mental clutter a break. We become more relaxed.  

Dreams are a great way to have a spiritual encounter. However, dreams are just one tool used by a spirit to communicate. Many find that they are pulled to see certain numbers, dates, animals, insects, coins or feathers, objects misplaced or moved to another part of their house, electrical issues in a residence or automobile, and a variety of sounds and smells.  

As a medium, I’ve grown comfortable with sensing a spirit’s presence, hearing voices or buzzing sounds in my ear, smelling perfumes or flowers, and looking for signs that surround me.

Signs can become very personal and provide great peace and comfort. Some people know and sense that loved ones are around them. Others sense no spirit activity and become frustrated with the silence and finality that death seems to create.  

Yet, the signs are always there. It is through our faith and understanding that we alter and clarify our human perspective to view what loved ones graciously send.  

We must be patient and persistent with deceased loved ones and remember we can always make requests or suggestions for them. Ask them to talk to you, come to you, or send specific signs that help you heal. Signs are everywhere; we just need to look with our soul’s vision and at times try to separate from our human form.

While I write this, a small brown and yellow butterfly keeps tapping the window in my family room. I can’t help but chuckle at the thought that maybe my brother is watching me right now and sending me a friendly reminder that he is always with me.  

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Ask A Psychic: What Is A Psychic Medium?

Mary Drew, The North Shore Medium

A quick glance. A long stare. What do you see?

I quickly check myself for some sort of distinguishing mark or unique physical trait that separates me from all the rest, and yet, I find nothing different outwardly. Every person I walk by does not know or see what sets me apart from them.

To the world, I am a female, mother, friend, or stranger. However, deep within my being, I am harboring an ability that many others do not have. I am a psychic medium.

What is a psychic medium, you ask? By definition it may read something like this: People who communicate with the dead and relay information about the lives of others about whom they had no prior knowledge.

Yet, not all psychics and mediums are the same. There are many ways to channel spirits from the other side. Mediums may hear, see or feel energy of those who are deceased. I am a medium who possesses all three senses.

Spirits will guide my thoughts through words, emotions and mental pictures to assist me in understanding and interpreting information. For a medium like me, without a connection with the dead, my psychic ability or state of knowing would be less than what it is. I depend on my spirit friends to grant me valuable information about the private lives of others.

Sometimes, psychic mediums are looked at as charlatans. And there may be people out there who are fake or try to deceive others, but I am not one of those people. I take pride in my gift and view the lives of others in a very serious and respectful way.

Loss and grief are very personal. Losing my brother was one of the hardest times of my life. However, my sadness has always been wrapped in the comfort of knowing I would have many moments to communicate with him. That gift is one I do not and will not take for granted.

A medium is what some view as a spiritual guide, healer of sorrow and even a therapist of grief. Truthfully, we are none of those things. We are flesh and blood… people just like the rest of mankind.

What we desire to be is simply a messenger for the departed soul looking to communicate with those left here on earth. We are the carriers of spiritual letters. We do our best to interpret the information given to us and relay those messages of love and healing. I am blessed to have this job.

Mary Drew, The North Shore Psychic Medium, hopes to share her experiences with those who have encountered grief, suffering and hardship.