A holiday weekend is the purrrfect time to head out to your local shelters and rescues and find your new best friend. Read about some of the amazing cats, dogs, kittens and puppies that are ready to go home with you today!


Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America:

When Sonny’s rescue heroes discovered this friendly young boy fending for himself outside, they ushered him inside to the safety of the NSALA Adoption Center. Sonny (reference #BF2604) is curious about his change of scenery and loves grabbing the attention of his caretakers. He’s playful and exuberant and would love to have a feline friend who can keep up with his champion wrestling technique!  

When playtime is over, Sonny loves to nestle in for a good cuddle with his human. This tender, one-year-old tabby would love a home with children 12 and up in age who can settle him into his very first home. A few ear rubs and some fun time will have Sonny brightening your home! 


Paquito (reference #MA3606) is a superhero packed into a little feline body. This very special 1 year old has been through a lot,but with the help of NSALA’s Medical Team, he is back on his paws and ready to conquer your heart. This young friend’s superpower is spreading joy to everyone he meets.

Paquito is so happy to finally be safe indoors, and his FIV will be easily managed in the safety of his very first home. Paquito feels the most confident when he has his human friends all to himself, so no other pets in the home, please. If you’re looking for a superhero to win your heart, look no further than Paquito! 


Matty (reference #R165373) took a long journey from Florida to come here to Long Island.  When this handsome, teenage tuxedo arrived at NSALA’s adoption center, he couldn’t wait to explore his new setting, and made sure to greet all his new friends with enthusiasm Matty’s exuberance will work best with a cat-experienced, adult home to help him harness his playfulness into positive interactions with his very first family.  

For more information about adopting Matty, Paquito, or Sonny, contact DoritS@animalleague.org 


Available for adoption at Little Shelter:

Dan is a fun-loving, 8-year-old Yorkie who is on a mission to make friends with everybody he meets. He’s an energetic pup that is always ready to have some fun, from playing with toys to going on walks Dan is ready to do it all. This little guy wants to be your best friend and even your travel buddy, so how’s about planning an adventure with this little fella today!


Tom is the unofficial “Mayor of the Cattery.” He has lived at the shelter for most of his life and loves the company of all his cat friends who seem to love him as much as he loves them. They follow him around and always seem to follow his lead. Tom hasn’t let all this power go to his head, however, because he has remained sweet and treats all of his constituents with respect. 

For more information about adopting Dan and Tom, please contact Little Shelter Animal Rescue & Adoption Center at 33 Warner Rd., Huntington, 631-368-8770.


Available for adoption at the Town of Huntington Cat Shelter:

Everyone knows that black cats bring good luck, and who couldn’t use a little luck these days? Boo is a curious black panther who loves to sit in the window and watch the staff as they’re working. He’s a big mush…loves to cuddle and is super affectionate.

Boo will even let staff pick him up and carry him like a baby! This super-sweet kitty is looking for a special family that will lavish him with love and who will let him cuddle in the bed at night. If you can make Boo your Boo, contact the Town of Huntington Cat Shelter located at 104 Deposit Rd., East Northport, or call 631-651-9788 today


Available for adoption at Almost Home Animal Rescue:

What’s that you say? You’re looking to adopt a gorgeous long-haired boy this weekend? Well, enter Whiskers!

Whiskers was surrendered to Almost Home because his elderly owner could no longer care for him. He is very friendly and loves to be pet. He gets along with all the other cats in the cattery.

He is 7 years young and will surely make someone the perfect pal to hang out with! For more information about adopting Whiskers, contact Almost Home Animal Rescue at almosthomeli.org or call 631-627-3665 today!


Available for adoption at Bideawee:

Meet this gorgeous 7-year-old gal, Kitty. With emerald irises alive with light, charm and anticipation, this beauty is a delight to both the eyes and the soul. Sweet and gorgeous, with just a hint of mystique, Kitty reminds us of an older time; she’s both hot jazz and a cold beverage in one. Kitty is a doll with all, be it people, pooches, and other cats alike; she’s a genuine social butterfly. She’s surely an enchanting dame and would flourish almost anywhere she goes.


This stunning 2-month-old sweetheart is named Akasha. She came to Bideawee with her siblings and everyone was astonished over how beautiful they all were. Some were hairless, some were not, but every kitten in this litter had glowing blue-teal exotic eyes. Not to mention, all of them were exquisitely sweet! The second you meet Akasha, she is sure to come up to say hello and she will charm you with both her brilliant grey and ivory coat, as well as her charming nature. All this perfect doll needs now is a home to call her own!


This beautiful 2-year old doll is named Munchie. She arrived to Bideawee a short time ago, and they soon after discovered that she was pregnant. Munchie gave birth a short time later and was a wonderful mother to her babies. She did a fantastic job raising them. They have all since been adopted, but this deserving mama is still looking for a home to call her own. Munchie is an incredibly sweet, but bashful and tenderhearted girl that is looking for a quiet and loving family to call her own. She just needs somewhere safe and gentle to rest her head, as well as the love of a family. 


Meet Sunshine! Radiating light, love and liveliness, this 1 year old is a beam of happiness and joy. You can count on Sunshine to be the first to run right up to you and ask to play. She’s always up for fun and learning new games. An active lifestyle is important to her and she would love someone who can accompany her on long walks, jogs or hikes. A sweet friend to all, she can also be counted on to be out and about schmoozing with new people. She’s a genuine social butterfly! 

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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