This week’s “pawcast” says it’s raining cats out there, so if you’re searching for a new feline companion, think of us as your umbrella, we got you covered!

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America:


Luscious (adoption #MA3809) has been on a diet and exercise routing to help him slim down and get healthier. With the support of his North Shore Animal League America caregivers, he’s had great success on his weight loss journey. Staff and volunteers don’t know much about Luscious’ past in Brooklyn before he came to NSALA but it has left him sensitive to chaos. This 7-year-old boy’s ideal home is one where he is the only pet, cherished by a patient cat-experienced adopter who will find his personality as amusing as we do to nurture him through his transition into a beloved family member. An adult home (with children 16+ in age) willing to put in the time and TLC will be the perfect match for our beautiful bundle of quirkiness!

Amy and Anny

**Double Adoption**What a journey sisters Amy (adoption #R165366) and Anny (adoption #R165367) have taken together! From skittish kittens fending for their lives on the city streets to living in a sunbathed, cage free room at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center, these 1-year-old ladies feel safe and loved. Anny has been offering her ears to human friends for rubbing ever since she arrived; it took Amy longer to trust folks. Time paid off though as we now enjoy the same attention from her as her braver sister. When she finds her family, they too will earn her trust. A patient, quiet household with children 12 and older in age will help these terrific tuxedos transition to their very first home. Adopt this pair of well-loved, lovable girls and you’ll get so much love in return.


Joseph (adoption #BF3006) isn’t one to seek out attention but he’s grabbed everyone’s hearts. This 15-month-old escaped a life on the streets when NSALA’s Rescue Team brought him into the safety of Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center where he is enjoying the company of easygoing cats who share is quest for peace and quiet. Joseph is a sweet choice for families looking for a friend for a cat already in their home in the home. Joseph is seeking someone who will continue to nurture him and show him how wonderful life is when he’s part of the family.


Suddenly, Seymour (adoption #BF3224) needs our help. After losing the only home he’s ever known, this demure 10-year-old is wrestling with the changes he’s experiencing but has grown to appreciate that he is safe in our care. Seymour is seeking a quiet home, one that will provide him the sunny windows and comfy beds he misses so much. Offering your heart to a deserving senior is the greatest gift you can give yourself. You’ll be an instant hero and Seymour will get all the ear rubs he loves and deserves.


Ozzy (adoption #BF3227) was once uncertain about all the new people, but in a very short time, this sweet, 9-month-old kitten has graduated to full-time lap cat and lover of ear rubs. Give him a bit of time and he will melt for you just as he has melted for all his Animal League America friends. Ozzy comes alive in a quiet home with feline friends to keep him company, and children 10 and older in age who can help gain his trust. If you have a lap in need of a cat, Ozzy is for you!


We’ve discovered the sure way to add happiness to your life: adopt Happy! (adoption #MA3530). Living up to her name, this tender 2-year-old lady has a lot to celebrate after being rescued from a city municipal shelter. Her future is brighter now that she’s enjoying the safety of Bianca’s Furry Friends. You can make her days even happier by bringing her home with you this weekend!

For more information about adopting Luscious, Amy, Anny, Joseph, Seymour, Ozzy, and Happy, please contact

Available for adoption through Pets4Luv:Zara is a very special cat who is seeking an equally special adopter. Recently, Pets4Luv was alerted to a cat in a local colony that appeared to be very ill. They trapped her and brought her out to Grady’s Animal Hospital in Sayville where she was found to have a severe dental infection. She was treated, had a few teeth removed and given antibiotics. Now Zara is on the mend and getting ready for her very own forever home. Zara is a very timid feral, but volunteers are already making progress and are starting to gently pet her. She needs a quiet home with a very special adopter or foster/socializer who is patient and can invest the time to socialize her. No one wants to see this senior beauty returned to the wild. If you can adopt or long-term foster/socialize Zara, contact contact Pets4Luv at 516-832-8200 or email today!

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter:

Drone and Gabe

Drone and Gabe are the best pair of feline friends that anyone could have. When one of them is getting attention, the other cat will quickly follow to get in on the TLC. A pair of Domestic Shorthairs, Drone is a 1 ½ year and Gabe is 11 years young. Ideally, these two pals will be adopted together, but they can be separated if necessary.

Drone is a very active cat who loves to play with volunteers and with other cats. When he meets strangers, he may be a little shy initially, but once he opens-up he is loving and friendly. Spending time with Gabe helps Drone come out of his shell. While he gets along with the other cats, he’s best suited in a home without dogs.

Gabe has the winning combo of the softest fur and the sweetest personality. Gabe will greet you with a nudge and a cuddle when he sees you. He loves to lounge around and be pet all dong long. Gabe’s past life outside the shelter caused him to have a leg injury, so he may move a little slow, and can’t jump very high, but this cat is still one heck of a guy and is in great health overall. He’s great with other cats and children.

If you are interested in meeting Drone or Gabe, please call ahead to schedule an hour to properly interact with them in a domestic setting, which includes the shelter’s Meet and Greet Room. Family Pet Meet and Greets and at home interactions are also welcome and an integral part of the adoption process. Please contact the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter at 410 East Main Street, Smithtown, or call 631-360-7575 for more information today!

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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