Cat Named Tommy Hilfiger Among Pets Up For Adoption on Long Island

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This week we start off with a feel-good story out of Smithtown.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, local pizzerias teamed up with the Town of Smithtown to help find loving homes for rescue dogs and cats at the Smithtown Animal Shelter. Each Pizzeria has taped Adoption Flyers to pizza boxes which are distributed to customers throughout the town. Each flyer includes important information about the animal seeking a loving home, including age, gender, and the needs of each adoptee. Pizzerias

The main objective of the Pizza Box Adoption campaign is to attract new eyes to the longest shelter residents, often passed up because of age, size or breed misconception. Every adoptee featured on these flyers is truly deserving of a second chance.

And for potential adopters outside of the Smithtown area, here’s this week’s list of adorable adoptables throughout Long Island that are just waiting for you to take them home today! 

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter:


At just 2 years old, Sampson was found living as a stray and was brought into the shelter by a Good Samaritan. He was underweight at first, but the team at the shelter have helped him add a few pounds and get him healthy again. Sampson not only has a huge appetite for food, but he also craves love! He is a very outgoing and sweet little guy who just wants to give and get love anywhere he can find it. He may be small in stature, but he has a big heart and an even mightier spirit inside. Sampson gets along well with other cats and is good for a family with children. If you can continue giving Sampson the love he deserves, please call the Smithtown Animal Shelter at 631-360-7575.

COVID-19: Foster Opportunity:

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Smithtown Animal Shelter has had to restrict public access, including loyal volunteers. If you have no other pets or young children at home and are looking for a way to serve your community in this time of crisis, please consider signing up to be a foster. Foster parents provide temporary care for cats, kittens, and dogs in their own homes. Some animals need as little as two weeks of care, while others may need care for extended periods of time. Download the Foster Application at smithtownny.gov/DocumentCenter

Available for adoption at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter:

Bella Bean
Bella Bean

Staff and volunteers are in love with Bella Bean! This adorable, 5-year-old Cane Corso arrived at the shelter when her owner passed away. She comes with a great owner surrender profile, which is so helpful in finding her a true forever home. Bella Bean is house trained, crate trained and knows a ton of commands: sit, down, stay, come, and eat! Bella Bean is described as a very loyal dog who is very loving and needs a lot of attention. She has lived with other animals and did great on her dog test at the shelter. Bella Bean is nervous of new people and will need a patient owner so she can feel comfortable. If you are interested in learning more, please call the shelter at 516-785-5220, visit 3320 Beltagh Ave. in Wantagh or email [email protected]


If you’re cooped up at home, remember that cats and dogs are feeling the same way in their cages at the shelter. If you can open your home to a deserving animal by fostering (or adopting), please call for more information at 516-785-5220 or email  [email protected]

Available for adoption through Pets4 Luv:

Huey and Chocolate 1
Huey and Chocolate

**Double Adoption** Seven-year-old Huey and 5-year-old Chocolate were adopted together back in 2017, but now their family is moving out of state and cannot take them along. Both enjoy being pet, love to play, and love the company of humans and other dogs and cats as well, making them the purrfect edition to any home! For more information about adopting Huey and Chocolate, please contact Pets4Luv at 516-860-7057 or email [email protected]

Available for adoption through North Shore Animal League America:


As strikingly beautiful as Carmen (Adoption #BF3231) is, it’s her delightful personality that melts everyone’s hearts. Staff and volunteers would have expected her to be rattled by the change to her life after losing her home, but this 8-year-old is taking life’s obstacles as an opportunity to meet someone new who will cherish her for the rest of her life. As the only pet in your home, Carmen will fit seamlessly into your heart like she’s always been a part of your family. Let this stunning lady charm you and you’ll discover a new friend for life!


Special doesn’t begin to describe six-month-old Sedona (Adoption #H210546). Despite a severe paw injury that required care in NSALA’s Pet Health Center, sweet Sedona has carried on her life as a happy-go-lucky kitten. This staff favorite has taken obstacles in stride, so staff and volunteers are searching for a lifetime of happiness for her. If you’d like to share your home and heart with Sedona, she’ll reward you with her devotion.  


After being a dutiful momma cat to her kittens, Athena (Adoption #BF3246) is finally ready for her own chance at a peaceful life as a cherished member of the family. This shy, regal beauty waits sublimely for you take notice of her. She’s banking on her dazzling eyes and gorgeous silver fur catching your attention because she’s not going to monopolize your time like some of her more outgoing roommates. The time you take earning her confidence will be wisely spent and may be the beginning a beautiful life together.

Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger (Adoption #G25257) isn’t looking to share the limelight with anyone else. This quiet, four-year-old Georgia import has designs on your heart and will wait patiently for you to discover him. Chin rubs are a great way to begin your friendship and will lead to a lifetime of loyalty only a rescue pet knows how to give.

Lady Marmalade
Lady Marmalade

Searching for your soul sister? Someone who wants to devote her whole heart and soul to making you happy for just some ear rubs in return? Your search is over! Lady Marmalade (Adoption #NCI1638) has a desire to explore your world with you. Although this two-year-old prefers human company to felines, you’ll be so enchanted by her zeal as she dashes around singing her praises, you’ll be purrfectly fulfilled by her as your only pet. Because she can be sensitive to too much handling, a home with children 12 and older in age is ideal. How lucky for you that you may be gazing into those grateful green eyes forever!

Staff and volunteers have been promising Bernie that life is only going to get better for him now that he’s safely tucked away inside a cage-free room in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. This shy friend has a lot to get used to after fending for himself outside on the busy streets but a gentle ear rub reminds him things might just be work out for him. 

For more information about adopting Carmen, Sedona, Athena, Tommy Hilfiger, Lady Marmalade, and Bernie, please email [email protected]

Available for adoption at the Babylon Animal Shelter:

Cookie 4

Cookie (#20-155) arrived at the Babylon Animal shelter last month as a stray. At just 5 years old, this stunning lady is 100 percent ready to find a real forever home. Sine Cookie is a bit shy, it’s recommended that she goes home with a family that does not have small children or other pets. If you’re interested in adopting Cookie, please call the Babylon Shelter at 631-643-9270 for an online application today.  

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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