How To Celebrate New Year’s Eve At Home For 2021

New Year's Eve at home
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2021 is almost here and we are looking forward to welcoming the new year! While you may not be throwing a big bash or attending any parties, you can still ring in 2021 with your family. Try out these ideas on how to create a spectacular New Year’s Eve at home.

Ideas on How to Create an Amazing New Year’s Eve Party

In terms of parties, there are three main things you need: decorations, food, and entertainment. If you are unsure where to start, the following list should give you some ideas on how to throw an amazing New Year’s Eve party that will dazzle your family.

Decorations You Will Need

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You can’t have a party without some decorations! Even if the celebration is just with your family, liven up your living room or dining room with these must-have New Year’s Eve essentials.

New Year’s Banners

Add some festivity to your house with the 4ct Sparkling New Year’s Banners from Party City for $7.99. The foil fringe banner will make an excellent table decoration while the three other banners will add some pizazz to your party room. If you plan on making a photo booth, the banners could also be used as part of a backdrop.

Gold and Black Streamers

Gold Crepe Paper
Crepe Streamer by Celebrate It™

Grab some gold and black streamers from Michael’s for only $3.99. These will brighten up the room and make it feel a little festive for New Year’s Eve. Take some scissors and curl the edges to add some flair to your streamers. Also, any leftover streamers can be used to create a nice backdrop for a photo booth.


Noise Makers
Metallic Fringe Squawkers 8ct for $2.49

What better way to ring in 2021 than with noisemakers. Whether you choose Party City’s Metallic Fringe Squawkers or their Black and Gold New Year’s Eve Noisemakers, both make great accessories for a New Year’s selfie or as a photo booth prop.

New Year's Eve Noisemaker
Black & Gold New Year’s Eve Noisemaker for $0.99

Black and Gold Plates & Cutlery

Black New Year Plate
Disco New Year’s Eve Lunch Plates 8ct

Add some pizazz to your table with these Disco New Year’s Eve plates from Party City for $3.49. These plates come in a pack of eight and will match the decorations you hung up earlier while tying the room together. Be sure to throw in some matching napkins and silverware for the occasion.

Champagne Flutes

Four Champagne Glasses
4ct Gold Champagne Flute – Spritz™

You can’t properly celebrate the New Year without making a New Year’s toast. Grab a pack of the Gold Champagne Flutes from Target for only $4. Their glittery design is perfect for your favorite beverage and celebrating a year of new beginnings.

If you already have some flutes but want to give them a festive look, get some Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Gloss, gold or silver glitter, and a paintbrush. Take your paintbrush and coat the outside of the flutes with the mod podge. (Make sure the coat is even to ensure the glitter stays on). While the mod podge is still wet, sprinkle the glitter over the cup. Next, let your glasses dry for at least two hours. Once the glasses are dry, add another layer of the mod podge to ensure the glitter stays on. Allow them to dry again before using them.

Headband or Party Hat

New's Year Eve Essentials
Box of 5 New Year’s Eve Party Kit – Spritz™

Accessorize your New Year’s Eve outfit with party hats or a headband. You can pick up a box of five New Year’s Eve hats and tiaras from Target for only $10. Be sure to use these for your photo booth later!

Or, if you are feeling extra creative, make some for your loved ones. To make a New Year’s Eve headband, what you’ll need is some cardboard, silver or gold spray paint, glue, silver/gold wire, a glue gun, a spool of gold/silver rick rack, a headband, and a paintbrush.

First, cut your design out of the cardboard. This could be a 2021 sign, a “Happy New Year” sign, or simply some stars. Take your paintbrush to spread the glue over the top of your design before applying the glitter. Next, cut a 10 in. and a 12 in. piece of wire. Then, wrap the rick rack over the top and bottom of the headband before gluing in the two wires with your glue gun. Continue wrapping the rick rack around the headband to secure the wires before attaching your design to them.

What Types of Food You Could Serve

What’s even more important than decorations is food. But with so many options for a New Year’s Eve feast, where do you even begin? No worries! We got you covered. If you’re looking for ideas or a starting point on what food to make for your New Year’s Eve celebration, look no further than the list below.

Sparkling Grape Juice

Sparkling Grape Juice is the cornerstone of a New Year’s Eve party. Be sure to stop at your local grocery store and pick up a bottle of Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice or Martinelli’s Sparkling Grape Juice. Be sure to pour it in the glitter champagne flutes you made earlier!


If you’re unable to find some sparkling grape juice, a good substitution is punch. There are great recipes out there for non-alcoholic punches that your family will enjoy. If you need a few ideas, here are a few delicious punches to start with:

For the full list of at-home New Year’s Eve Party ideas, visit NewYorkFamily.com.

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