point lookout film festival
Point Lookout Film Festival Co-Director CJ Cullen, Drew Henriksen, Mike Vezza & Point Lookout Film Festival Co-Director Larry Rosen (Photo by Ed Shin)

After two long years away, the Point Lookout Film Festival returned to its home at Point Lookout’s J.A. Heneghan’s Tavern on April 20.

Started in 2018 by organizers of several short film festivals in the New York and New Jersey area, who are also filmmakers themselves, the festival thrives on being an outlet for filmmakers from the local area, as well as surrounding areas, to show the fruits of their labors.  The festival organizers view the unique venue of the fest as the perfect vehicle to provide networking opportunity for filmmakers, as they will be mingling with other filmmakers in a welcoming setting.

Due to pandemic related restrictions, the 2020 (pushed to November of 2020) and the 2021 (held in March of last year), had to be run virtually.  But with restrictions lifted, the festival is back, both in the same venue and time of year of its first two seasons.

While the format was very much the same as the first two seasons, three sets, leading to an award ceremony to wrap up the day, there is a wrinkle that is a holdover from the two online seasons.  On the same evening, a virtual High School student set was done live onBingewave.com and can still be viewed on demand until the Sunday the 24th.

For more information on the festival, including past films screened, award winners, and interview clips with filmmakers from various seasons visit http://pointlookoutfilmfestival.com/or email to [email protected], as well as their pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Randee Aquila Sloane & Judith Anna Di Donato (Photo by Ed Shin)
Michael Fedele Winner Best Actor for Sfortunato (Photo by Ed Shin)
Gerry Glennon McKeever & John Sabia (Photo by Ed Shin)
Drew Henriksen (Photo by Ed Shin)
Joe Cremer & Herb Cremer (Photo by Ed Shin)
Loring Murtha winner of Best Concept for Banana Zakary (Photo by Ed Shin)
Ken Wolf, Jennifer Pierro, Gerry Glennon McKeever, Paul Laudicano & Danny Santevecchi (Photo by Ed Shin)
Tom Bragg, Dan Gregory & Jayleen Perez (Photo by Ed Shin)
Gerry Ferretti, Katie Schraeder, Donna Morales & Paul Laudicano (Photo by Ed Shin)
George Carrillo winner of the Rising Star Award (Photo by Ed Shin)
Debra Markowitz winner for Best Local Film for Sfortunato (Photo by Ed Shin)
Randee Aquila Sloane, Andrew Marino & Judith Anna Di Donato (Photo by Ed Shin)
CJ Cullen (Photo by Ed Shin)
Paul Laudicano awarded Audience Choice Award for ‘Where’s the Will’ (Photo by Ed Shin)
John Marean & Debra Markowitz Director and co-creator of LIIFE – the Long Island International Film Expo (Photo by Ed Shin)
Point Lookout Co-Director Steve J. Rogers & Randee Aquila Sloane (Photo by Ed Shin)

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