New Yorkers Can Apply Online for IDs With Gender “X” Option

Courtesy Office of Gov. Kathy Hochul

New Yorkers who want a driver’s license with an “X” gender identity marker can now apply online and skip the line at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Gov. Kathy Hochul said Thursday that New Yorkers can go to the state DMV website to change their gender marker to “X.”

New York began offering the “X” option for licenses, learner’s permits and non-driver identification cards in May, following the passage of a 2021 state law.

Proponents of the change had argued that limiting gender identity on licenses to either male or female discriminated against nonbinary New Yorkers.

The option is open to new applicants as well as New Yorkers with existing licenses. They will have the option to change their gender marker from “M” or “F” to “X.”