Horoscopes By Psychic Deb for July 2023

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Aries – Ruling planet in 5th house: Be creative, move furniture or add touches of pictures or flowers to beautify your environment. Your taste for luxury and fine foods will be accented. A parent or parental figure wants to help you in a project.

Taurus – Pay debts, bills and make a clean sweep of financial obstacles. The key is to look at the big picture, finding a new source of backup cash. Someone with a daring competitive manner will show you the way – be receptive. Former burdens are no longer yours to carry.

Gemini – The accent is on success, prestige and an intense love relationship. You’ll gain through association including more material resources. Someone you are attracted to is on the way up and will reveal strong ambitions. A Capricorn figures in the picture. 

Cancer – Ruling planet in 12th house: Pay attention to new technologies and work methods. A complete change of pace is on the agenda, including a fascinating change of scenery. A meeting of minds may be needed to foster cooperation. You’ll work beside someone who stimulates romantic fantasies and dreams.

Leo – Make adjustments in partnership matters. Sentiment will surge to the forefront but shouldn’t be allowed to rule the situation. Someone with a stubborn manner and distinctive voice figures prominently.

Virgo – A nostalgic journey is on the agenda. Feelings will be uppermost, greatly influencing where you go and what you do. Old friends, neighbors and distant relatives will welcome you warmly. Belief systems, historical facts and family genealogy are accented.  

Libra – Emotions run high this month as the lunar cycle sweeps upwards. You’ll be in the right place at the right time and will have positive support from a family member who believes in you. Be gentle with those near and dear.

Scorpio – Your personal body image is in the spotlight. Your sense of style and fashion is heightened. Others will put you on their best-dressed list. Travel, parties and popularity could draw you away from more routine pursuits. Have fun. Your lucky number is 3.

Sagittarius – Work with the materials at hand. A career project gains from a steady pace and willingness to learn the rules before you break them. Be practical, shrewd and willing to learn through former mistakes. A person in authority has eyes on you. Your lucky number is 4.

Capricorn – Remember, no one is perfect. Get the inside story before you sign a mutual agreement. You’re looking for someone to idolize but could be fooled by your own high expectations. Play the waiting game where legal or marital matters are concerned.

Aquarius –  Develop a creative project in private. You’ll have unique ideas and can work best alone or with someone who encourages your originality. Strong bonds of love are felt. This person wants only the best for you and will be generous with all your requests.

Pisces – A high-powered romance is on the agenda. Intense feelings and long-range plans are involved. An attraction is strongly physical. Daring new attitudes will make love more exciting. You’ll share secrets and psychic awareness with your loved one. Your lucky number is 1.