Bayberry, Islip’s New Hot Spot, Mixes Signature Eponymous Cocktail

Bayberry’s cocktail, the bayberry
Bayberry’s cocktail, the bayberry

At Bayberry, a simple cocktail has quickly become a signature beverage. Dubbed the bayberry, this gin-based concoction is a modern twist on a classic cocktail, the gin sour, and is making waves both in taste and visual appeal. 

“The concept for the bayberry was created with the goal of crafting a cocktail that best represented the restaurant and its aura — unique, approachable, refreshing, and most of all, fun,” says Ryan Little, general manager of Bayberry, a recently opened Islip-based restaurant with a focus on seafood dishes.

The cocktail combines Fords London Dry Gin, fresh blueberries, lemon juice, simple syrup, and egg white, garnished with a lemon twist. “The flavor profile is a roller coaster over the palate,” he says. “That initial egg white foam head is light and creamy, followed by the quick tartness of the lemon juice, easing back with a sweet blueberry finish on the end. If you like gin or want to get into gin, this is the perfect cocktail to try.” 

It’s not just the taste that sets the bayberry apart. The cocktail’s vibrant pink hue and foamy-white head have made it a crowd-pleaser, with patrons appreciating the balance between the herbaceous notes of Fords Dry Gin and the freshness of blueberries and lemon. 

“The bayberry stands out in both flavor and aesthetic prowess,” Little says. “On paper the gin and egg white come off as intimidating, but on first look and taste, patrons will find it is an exciting take on a gin sour with multiple flavor notes that complement each other throughout each sip.”

Bayberry is located at 501 Main St., Islip. It can be reached at BayberryIslip.com or 631-210-0011.