Long Island International Film Expo (LIIFE) opens with Director’s Audition Panel

Film Expo 1
AJ Mattioli, Debra Markowitz, Lindsay Serrano, Bob Celli, Laura Sweeney, Josh Graydon, Emily Dinova, Gregory Cioffi and Russ Camarda.
Ed Shin

On July 18 at the historic Bellmore Movies and The Showplace, the Long Island International Film Expo (LIIFE) hosted their annual Director’s Audition Panel providing local actors the opportunity to perform for a panel of working directors, without the pressure of reading for a specific role, to receive feedback on their audition process.

The panel of directors was made up of current and alumni filmmakers of the festival including Josh Graydon, Laura Sweeney, Russ Camarda, Emily Dinova, Gregory Cioffi, Bob Celli, AJ Mattioli, and Debra Markowitz.

Donna Morales was on hand to read alongside any performer who needed a 2nd reader for their performance. The 26th annual Long Island International Film Expo runs from July 19 through July 23, and showcasing over 130 independent films in a variety of genres.

Film Expo 2
Josh Graydon.Ed Shin
Film Expo 3
Long Island Film and Television Foundation (LIFTF) board and founding member Henry Stampfel, LIFTF Board Lindsay Serrano, Vice President, Secretary and LIFTF Board Advisor Manny Serrano.Ed Shin
FIlm Expo 4
Gail Merzer Behrens and Donna Morales.Ed Shin
Film Expo 5
EJ Acosta.Ed Shin



Film Expo 6
Lilo Grunwald and Donna Morales.Ed Shin


Film Expo 7
Henry Stampfel, Anthony Rizzuto, Nadine Rizzuto and Gail Merzer Behrens.Ed Shin
Film Expo 8
Maureen Van Trease.Ed Shin
Film Expo 9
Debra Markowitz, President and Chairperson of the Long Island Film TV Foundation.Ed Shin
Film Expo 10
Lilo Grunwald.Ed Shin