Heat Advisory, Thunderstorm Warnings Thursday to Saturday: What To Know

Heat Advisory 1
National Weather Service

A heat advisory is in effect for Long Island, parts of northeast New Jersey, and parts of southern Connecticut from 11 a.m. July 27 to 8 p.m. July 29. There is also a severe thunderstorm warning for Thursday evening and an additional threat of storms on Saturday.

While the predicted temperatures between Thursday and Saturday range from 73 to 93 degrees with the thunder storms factored in, the National Weather Services warns that the heat index value could go up to 101. The three-day advisory makes it an official heat wave for Long Island.

“I wouldn’t say they’re unusual this time of year,” Lukas Walters, a student volunteer for the National Weather Service, told the Press. “It’s just a way to categorize above-average hot and humid weather.”

The heat advisory and thunderstorm outlook for the next three days

In addition to the excessive heat on Thursday afternoon, severe thunderstorms with wind gusts and hail are possible on Thursday evening. The heat reaches its peak on Friday, with a high of 92 degrees anticipated in addition with the heat index value.

“Friday is going to be the hottest day out of the three that we have under the advisories and warnings,” Walters added. “And then Saturday, there’s another chance for showers and thunderstorms.”

Some groups are more vulnerable to the severe heat than others, the service warns.

“Seniors and those with chronic health problems or mental health conditions are at an increased risk,” the National Weather Service says on its website. “Homes without air conditioning can be much hotter than outdoor temperatures.”

The National Weather Service recommends that, even for groups that aren’t at risk, outdoor activities be limited to early morning and evening. If you are required to go outside, water and shade are of utmost importance.

Finding cooling centers during the heat advisory

The New York State Department of Health has a database of cooling centers for you to go to. Visit this link to put in your address and find out where you can cool off if you do not have access to air conditioning.

Heat Advisory 2
National Weather Service