Long Island Woman Set To Star on Discovery Channel’s “Survive The Raft”


“Hand-picked to disagree” is the name of the game, says Nate Boyer, the host of Discovery’s new reality TV show, ‘Survive the Raft’, in an interview with Good Morning Football.  

The show, airing July 30, will be following the journey of 10 strangers as they work to keep afloat in order to secure prize money – that is if they can manage to work as a team through difficult mental and physical obstacles the show will throw at them. 

With each successful mission, while sailing on the Acali II off the Panama coast, the team will grow a pot of cash that will be divided amongst the group at the show’s end. At the end of each mission, the cast will be asked if they wish to continue together or split up. 

The reality show, spanning nine episodes, is based off of a 1973 social experiment of a similar nature, where a group of strangers, differing from political ideologies, religion to survival skills were put together to determine if they would be able to survive on a raft floating from the Canary Islands to Mexico. 

Cast members will be coming all the way from Texas to Virginia and even from Long Island, namely North Babylon’s Tara Colucci. Among being relentless and determined, Colucci’s biography on TV Insider says she is “unapologetically patriotic” and is known to “ruffle feathers”. 

Beside Colucci will appear CJ Duffie a marine biologist from Miami, FL; Elliot Capella from Richmond, VA and an all-star athlete; Rabbi Jonathan Dade of Georgetown, TX; Lashanna Lintamo, a metal welder from Dunnigan, CA; non-profit coordinator Maddie Witt of Chattanooga, TN; Merissa Underwood, a river rafting instructor from Missoula, MT; Russell Ellis from Stafford, VA and Chef Summer Homayed from Dearborn, MI.