What Is The Best Irish Bar On Long Island?

What is the best Irish bar on Long Island? (Getty Images)

The Irish know how to have a good time even when they’re sad, or so the poets say.

When you go to an Irish bar on Long Island, you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself and your friends, complete with the best ales and ska music around, if you’re lucky. The atmosphere is also one that can’t be beat.

All that said, what is the best Irish bar on Long Island?

In 2024, voters chose Fibber McGee’s for best Irish bar!

Fibber McGee’s stands as the epitome of Irish hospitality and charm, solidifying its reputation as the ultimate Irish bar on Long Island.

With its cozy atmosphere, lively ambiance, and authentic décor reminiscent of the Emerald Isle, patrons are transported to a spirited world of camaraderie and good craic. From perfectly poured pints of Guinness to hearty Irish fare that warms the soul, every aspect of the Fibber McGee’s experience reflects a dedication to celebrating Irish culture and tradition.

Whether enjoying live music, cheering on sporting events, or simply sharing stories with friends old and new, Fibber McGee’s welcomes all with open arms and a warm Irish spirit.