Nassau County Theodore Roosevelt Building To Be Lit Up Blue For Autism Awareness Day

County officials and members of Life’s WORC gathered in honor of World Autism Day on April 2.
Photo by Michael Malaszczyk

The Theodore Roosevelt Executive and Legislative Building will be lit up blue tonight in honor of Autism Awareness Day.

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman made the announcement Tuesday morning.

“Nassau County will be at the forefront of making sure that those who are diagnosed as being autistic have opportunities like anybody else, opportunities to work, housing, and also an opportunity to enjoy their life and live in a very fruitful and resourceful life here,” Blakeman said. “Everybody who drives by will be aware that this is World Autism Day and that we are celebrating Autism Month.”

Blakeman was joined by outspoken autism advocate Nassau County Legislator Michael Giangregorio (R-Merrick), as well as members of the nonprofit organization Life’s WORC.

“Today, we need to remember that Autism is a spectrum disorder,” Giangregorio said. “There are those individuals that will be able to hold the job. There are those individuals that can go to college. And then there are those individuals that will need 24/7 care throughout their lives. But each one is unique and each one has something to give in each one deserves their right to a happy life.”

Tina Moreno, vice president for public affairs at Life’s WORC, reflected on the organization’s journey through the years and the path forward.

“Victoria Schneps, our founder, over 52 years ago broke the mould about the way people are treated in residential settings,” MOreno said. She and Geraldo Rivera expose the atrocities that occurred in Willowbrook. She made that fundamental change, and she’s not finished yet – she wants to see workforces come to fruition.”

Note: Victoria Schneps-Yunis, founder of Life’s WORC, is also the publisher of Long Island Press.