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There’s Still Time to Get Your Tickets for The Second Annual World’s Fare at Citi Field

Citi Field will host lots of international brews and global food for the 2nd Annual World’s Fare on May 18 and 19.

Craft beer lovers will be able to have UNLIMITED tastings of over 40 types of craft brews from around the world. Ticket buyers can choose from two 3 hour long sessions offered; the first session is from 12 to 3 p.m. and second session is from 4 to 7 p.m.

Pair your beer or cocktail with some of the most authentic food around the world. Empanada Papa, D’Abruzzo, Destination Dumplings, Antico Noe and more will be on site offering up their delicious cuisine for sale. We will also have International Cocktail bars where you can enjoy a specialty cocktail.

Don’t miss out on all of the curated international food vendors, our international beer garden, cocktail bars representing different regions of the world, live music & dance and the exciting International Shopping Pavilion.

Prices start at $19 and Unlimited Beer Tickets start at $49. Don’t wait – get your tickets to The World’s Fare 2019 today!

Citi Field is centrally located in New York City with parking and many public transportation options. Check out TheWorldsFare.nyc for more information.

Hey Trump: We Are Not The Enemy!


There’s nothing fake about the real threat that Donald Trump poses to the freedom of the press in this country.

President Trump took an oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” That same Constitution includes an amendment protecting the people’s ability to petition government, to speak freely for or against it, to worship without fear of persecution, and to report and publish on the events of the day.

Yet Trump, on an almost daily basis, attacks the Constitution and our rights, as John Adams once said, “to read, to think, to speak and to write” as people in a free society. He sees the press as threats to his power — even though the press is just doing its job reporting on what’s happening in government.

He’s not the first politician to openly dislike the press — God knows we’ve seen plenty of those in New York City through the years — but he’s the first sitting president to actively chip away at our collective credibility.

Trump can’t handle the truth, so he whips out that garbage “fake news” line every chance he can. When Trump says the news is fake, what he’s really doing is seeking to create an alternate reality to the one in which we all live.

It’s the same tactic used by strongmen throughout the ages — Mussolini, Castro, Saddam, Chavez, Duterte, Erdogan, Putin, just to name a few — to squash opposition and achieve absolute power.

And whenever he uses that “fake news” term, he’s attacking all of us in the press — including community newspapers.

Every day, we work hard to report the truth to our readers about what’s happening in their neighborhoods. Along the way, we have to clear through a torrent of bureaucratic hurdles to get the facts on everything from potholes to prison reform, homeless shelters to affordable housing, and so many other issues.

Readers call or email us every week with tips on news items, and often, they come to us having already reported their problems to the city or state governments — but without having received any response or solution to their concerns.

Who will bring attention to the problems we experience every day if the press isn’t there to report it? Who will hold government accountable for inaction, corruption and poor decisions if the press isn’t there to shed light on them?

Do you honestly believe that a state-run media would ever let you know the truth about anything?

Today, Aug. 16, we proudly stand with the more than 350 news organizations nationwide participating in an editorial campaign led by The Boston Globe, designed to deliver a message to Trump, to our readers and to the American people:

“We are not the enemy of the people.”

Trump wants you to believe otherwise because it advances his agenda, rooted in totalitarianism. It can happen here in the United States, but only if we allow Trump to get away with it. Merely dismissing or ignoring his comments isn’t good enough — they must be denied and condemned by all of us as Americans, regardless of party or political belief.

Because Twitter seems to be one of the few things to which this president pays attention, we want our readers to tweet at the president, @realDonaldTrump, the following:

“Stop attacking the press and stop dividing our country. We know the press is not our enemy, and nothing you can say or do will ever change that. #FreePress

If you aren’t on Twitter, or would simply prefer to send that message in writing, send it electronically by visiting https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact, or mail it to the President, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C., 20500.

This editorial first appeared in the Press’ sister publication, the Queens Courier.

Get Ready To Indulge In Drinks And Decadent Desserts at Wine & Sweets Festival In LIC

Photos courtesy of LIC Flea and Food

If you’re looking for a weekend to savor amazing beverages and scrumptious sweets, then make plans to visit the LIC Flea & Food market the first weekend of August.

LIC Flea & Food, which offers best in global eats, unique vendors and the LIC Flea Beer Garden serving up local craft beers, will host the second-annual Wine & Sweets Festival on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 4-5, from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. each day.

Admission to the market is free, but if you want to enjoy global wines curated by a NYC wine expert, then grab a ticket for unlimited tastings of whites, rosé and reds while enjoying delectable sweets from over 20 of the best sweets vendors in the tristate area.

Wines to explore on the menu include Vino di Fratelli Prosecco, Riff Pinot Grigio, Bridge Lane Rosé, Elsa Bianchi Malbec, Francois Montand Brut Sparkling, Ponga Sauvignon Blanc, Clean Slate Riesling, Zardetto Sparkling Rosé and many more.

The wines are a perfect complement to the incredible sweets available such as Foughnut’s gourmet baked donuts. Gluten- and nut-free as well as vegan options available in wonderful flavors such as chocolate caramel (vegan & GF), a moist chocolate cake with homemade caramel, or banana coconut (vegan & GF), fresh banana with shredded coconut!

Scoops In Cahoots is offering up cream premium ice creams right here in NY using fresh, non-GMO milk and cream from local family farms in delicious flavors such as Champagne Problems and Whiskey’s Cookie Dough Crush.

Try a dulce de leche filled churro empanada from Empanada Papa; cookies galore and decadent brownies and blondies by Baked By Dawn; the most gorgeous sweets you’re ever going to eat from Little Bird Chocolate; and more.

Instead of traveling east for wine tours, let the wine tour come to you at the LIC Flea & Food! The market is located at 5-25 46th Ave. in Long Island City.

Tickets are available at LICFlea.com/special-events. Use the promo code COURIER and receive a 15 percent discount!

Bethpage Best Of Long Island Awards Nominations Are Open

Bethpage Best of Long Island

Imagine starting your own business out of your home and within just six short years being named—not once, but twice—“Best of Long Island.”

For Lauren Mangano and her husband Jonathan Mangano, Sr., owners of Mangano Sewer & Drain in Deer Park, this was their reality—and a dream come true.

Lauren explained that Mangano Sewer & Drain was launched in the couple’s laundry room after Jonathan, who had been working in the environmental industry, sustained an injury and was let go.

Inspired by his wife, then a member of the NYPD, Jonathan, whose father and grandfather had been in the business, used the couple’s wedding money to start Mangano Sewer & Drain in 2010.

“I was working nights and answering phones during the day,” Lauren explained. “We just put our noses to the ground and started pushing.”

It was at that same time the Manganos learned they were expecting their first child, she said.

Through hard work and great service, the couple was able to purchase their first pump truck within seven months—and pay it off seven months after that. Within a year and a half, Mangano Sewer & Drain had its own office space and dedicated employees.

Their recipe for success worked, as, in 2015, a satisfied customer nominated Mangano Sewer & Drain “Best Plumbing Company” in the Bethpage “Best of L.I.” competition.

“We saw it and we told our friends and family,” said Lauren. “We told our customers about it when we were onsite. People went on and started voting.”

When they won that year, Lauren said, they were “surprised.”

And when they were nominated again in 2016—this time facing tougher competition—Lauren said they didn’t expect to win for a second year in a row. But when they did, she said they felt “honored.”

“We posted it on our Facebook page and on our website,” she said.

So what does the two-time winner think of the Bethpage “Best of L.I.”?

Lauren says Mangano Sewer & Drain has seen an uptick in business of 15%—“pretty substantial, especially for a small- to medium-sized business,” she said—and even a shift in their customer base.

“I personally find it’s a great class of customers, because they actually want to hear what people on the Island think,” said Lauren.

To be a part of the Bethpage “Best of L.I.,” simply Nominate Your Business HERE!

Nominations are now open for the 2017 Bethpage “Best of L.I.” competition, now in its 12th year. The nomination period is open through August 31st. The top 15-18 nominees (depending on the category) will advance to the official ballot. Go to https://bestof.longislandpress.com/ to make sure your favorite is in it to win it!