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Pols Confirm Tim Sini New Suffolk Police Commissioner

The new commish will be tasked with cleaning up the mess left by a former police chief who was arrested on corruption charges. Among his first moves was announcing plans to invite the FBI to work more closely on the Long Island Serial Killer case, gang investigations and other probes. He also unveiled plans to revamp the internal affairs unit, crack down on drug houses, and hinted at an upcoming "unprecedented" law enforcement partnership.

Suffolk Pols OK Feds Settlement of Police Probe

The Department of Justice launched the probe into the Suffolk police department after the slaying of an immigrant five years ago.

Suffolk Police Enacting School Crisis Hotline

Phones will be set up in schools that provide direct lines to SCPD's 911 supervisor, saving time and improving response.

Suffolk Passes Gun Control Aimed at Mentally Ill

Police in Suffolk will be required to alert pistol licensing bureaus when a psychiatric patient's name matches that of a gun owner.