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Report Finds Chemicals Above State Limit in 21 Long Island Water...

Citizens Campaign for the Environment (CCE), a Farmingdale-based non-profit organization, released a report on Wednesday revealing that 21 Long Island water districts received two-year deferrals on meeting new state limits for certain chemicals in their water systems.

New York State Pension Fund Sets 2040 Goal of Net Zero...

The New York state pension fund on Wednesday committed to help curb climate change by transitioning its investments to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040, making it the first U.S. pension fund to set the goal by that date.

Documentary Reveals Unsettling Truth about Plastic in Oceans

According to the film, the world will have manufactured 300 million tons of plastic this year alone—a stunning realization.

‘I Love Long Island’ Campaign Tackles Harmful Lawn Fertilizers

One of the biggest threats to Long Island's water supply is nitrogen, which can seep into the Island's many waterways and vulnerable underground aquifers.

Trump Obliterates Obama Environmental Regulations

President Trump said he signed his executive order to undo Obama's Clean Power Plan so he could end the "war on coal" and bring back jobs. But all his action has done, say a range of New York elected officials and environmental activists, is endanger the health and well-being of millions of Americans.

Parents Can Teach Long Island Kids How to Appreciate Our Environment

Knowledge gives us the understanding we need to protect the environment. By knowing where our water comes from, we can make better choices about what we do to the ground.

Saving The Planet Is Not A Luxury—It’s An Urgency

Laws and regulations that protect the environment are not just there for pretty flowers and cute animals. They protect us and save us money in the short and long run.

Top NY Dems & Long Island Environmentalists Slam EPA Foe Pruitt’s...

As Oklahoma’s attorney general, in 13 of his 14 lawsuits against the EPA, Scott Pruitt reportedly joined corporations and trade associations that had given generously to his political campaign. In his Senate testimony, he was confronted with a letter that he sent against the EPA that was almost entirely copied from a legal memo crafted by well-funded opponents of environmental regulation. He smiled.

Cuomo’s Plan to Study Long Island’s Water Woes a Baby Step...

Recently Gov. Andrew Cuomo came to Stony Brook University to announce a major initiative to address New York’s water woes. His proposal would allocate $6 million for a new comprehensive groundwater study for Long Island to further examine levels of saltwater intrusion and chemical contamination–essentially the byproducts of over-pumping our aquifer and not having enough sewers.

Pol Calls on Schumer, Cuomo to Secure Bay Park Outfall Pipe...

“We need some more financial assistance from our federal and state governments."