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OpEd: Long Island Rail Road Is Safer Than Ever, Ready For...

With 2020 over and with the Covid-19 vaccine distribution underway, I know we’re all hopeful for a fresh start in 2021. And I’m proud to say that going into the new year, the Long Island Rail Road is the safest it’s ever been.

New York Unveils New $1.6 Billion Train Hall at Penn Station

New York City unveiled a new $1.6 billion concourse at Penn Station on Wednesday, expanding North America's busiest train terminal and helping rectify what a celebrated architect called the "tragic demolition" of the old station six decades ago.

Moynihan Train Hall, a Penn Station Expansion, To Open Jan. 1,...

Moynihan Train Hall, a 50 percent expansion on Penn Station, will be completed on New Year’s Eve and open on New Year’s Day, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced on Dec. 27.

Long Island Rail Road Completes Project to Curb Excessive Train Speeds

After 12 years of industry setbacks in implementing positive train control, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority says its installation is complete on the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North.

Cleaner-than-ever LIRR Wants You Riding Again

OpEd: Because of our dedicated workforce, we’re keeping a clean, safe system day in and day out for our returning customers.

OpEd: Thanks, LIRR Workers, For Keeping Trains Rolling During Pandemic

LIRR President: Riding public transportation remains a safe way to get around. We’re doing our part to keep it that way.

OpEd: LIRR Desperately Needs Federal Help

LIRR President: We need major federal funding. Now. Our future lies in the balance.

LIRR Riders Face $50 Fines For Not Wearing Masks Starting Monday

Those riding on Long Island Rail Road trains, subways and buses, where bare faces are currently banned as it is, will now face a $50 fine if they further refuse to wear a mask, according to transit agency officials and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

OpEd: Moving the LIRR Forward Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic

LIRR President: Even as the novel coronavirus slammed New York and affected our own ranks, we’ve been working creatively to embrace new ways to get work done efficiently. 

New LIRR App Feature Helps Riders Stay Socially Distant

The Long Island Rail Road released a new feature in the TrainTime app that tells commuters where to stand on the platform if they want to avoid crowding on the train coming into their station.