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Top 5 Greatest Musicians From Long Island

While LI's many music makers have created tunes spanning a broad spectrum of genres, there are but a handful that stand out from the pack.

Lou Reed: The Coolest Man In The World

In the mid-1960s, Greenwich Village mirrored the polarized nation. Political upheaval and the sexual revolution set the scene for Lou Reed to turn music on its ear with the Velvet Underground and the support of pop artist Andy Warhol.

The Target – November 2013

Alligators, Big Duck cracklers, Lou Reed, the Long Beach Boardwalk and Stephen Baldwin are this month's superstars--but who hit the bull's eye!?

Lou Reed Tribute Coming to Freeport Wednesday

The vigil is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. Wednesday at Hudon’s on the Mile on Woodcleft Avenue in his hometown of Freeport.

Lou Reed, Velvet Underground Founder, Dead At 71