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Cuomo Appoints AG to Prosecute Certain Police-Involved Slayings

“Pretending a problem isn’t there doesn’t help solve the problem.”

Farmingdale State College Professor ID’d in Murder-Suicide, Police Say

Victim Patricia Ward was longtime Farmingdale State College professor.

Cops Probe Threatening Anti-Gay Letters to GLBT Network CEO

“It’s not going to deter me or us from doing what we need to do."

Nassau Police Commissioner Thomas Dale Ousted Amid Politically Motivated Arrest Probe

“District Attorney Rice today brought a troubling matter to my attention regarding questionable influence within the Nassau County Police Department.”

Lufthansa Heist: Nassau Cop Breaks Silence on Mob Case that Left...

All those involved with the robbery who knew where the stolen money went are believed to have taken that knowledge to the grave.

Seaford Weapons Arrest Nets Assault Weapons, Swords

Dozens of guns, several swords, daggers, brass knuckles, five high-capacity ammunition clips were recovered during a search.

Lattingtown Human Remains Believed to be Female

Police are hoping this necklace will help identify the victim.

Long Island Morning Commute Slowed by Wintry Mix

It's messy out there.