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Exclusive: Our Long Ride Home with Ronald Bower, A Convicted Sex...

“I feel like I’ve been dead for the past 23 years, and now I'm alive and everything has changed."

Cuomo Whips up the Base at Democratic Convention in Huntington

"King" Cuomo's coronation continues the royal succession from father to son in Huntington.

Fracking Iowa Ad Takes Aim at Cuomo

“Stand up for people over pollution."

Banks Hold $200M in Sandy Aid, NY Says

More than 6,000 borrowers have yet to receive their Sandy checks.

Long Island Weather: Hundreds of Cars Still Stuck, Roads Reopening

“Unfortunately its like quick sand, once you stop in snow like this…you get buried."

Malverne Police Chief Supports NY Gun Control Law

Police Chief John Aresta's uncle was killed in 1993 LIRR Massacre

Flu Season Strikes Early, 15K Reported Cases in NY

“More persons are seeking medical care. Almost double than the usual baseline for flu season.”

DEC to Study Wild Turkey Population Decline

Where have all the wild turkeys gone?