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NY Fines NRA, Bans Insurance Sales for 5 Years

The National Rifle Association agreed to a five-year suspension of its insurance business in New York State and will pay a $2.5 million civil fine to settle charges it offered insurance to members without a license and concealed how it routinely kept some premiums for itself.

Million Mom March Marks 15 Years Fighting for Gun Violence Prevention

On the fifteenth anniversary of legendary march, mothers across the country are still inspired, enraged, and more coordinated than ever.

Cuomo: Debates Can Be ‘Disservice to Democracy’

"There are a lot of variables...I’ve been in many debates that I think were a disservice to democracy."

5 Things that Should Make You Mad this Week

Why are people upset about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

Redefine the NRA as a Terrorist/Lobby Organization

"Let’s call things what they are. Let’s lay it all out on the table."

Malverne Police Chief Supports NY Gun Control Law

Police Chief John Aresta's uncle was killed in 1993 LIRR Massacre

Obama Announces Gun Control Proposal

“We can’t put this off any longer."

NY Gun Control Bill Approved by Legislature

“We saw, we learned, we responded and we acted."