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OpEd: Here’s Why You Should Take the Long Island Rail Road...

Those who have been riding know better: no need to sit in traffic, or to worry about parking, leaving the driving to us.

OpEd: Asian Americans Need Society to Disavow Racism as They Face...

In the face of tragedy, Asian Americans encounter skeptics about whether they in fact suffer at all. Asian Americans have difficulty persuading others despite the compelling evidence because we frame race in black and white terms, literally and figuratively.

OpEd: LIRR, Back on Track and Vaccinating Employees

Let’s all help New York’s economy by getting back on the LIRR, Metro-North, the subways and the buses.

OpEd: Democracy Requires Community, Community Requires Trust

How might our community organizations work to bridge the divides that separate us and bring us together in common cause? 

OpEd: LIRR and MTA Are Bouncing Back

The world is changing in more ways than we’ve ever seen in our lifetime – but we’re keeping up. At the MTA and LIRR, we’re meeting these new challenges, adapting to current circumstances while strategically planning and building for the future. 

OpEd: A Year Later, Hope Will Carry Us Through Covid Pandemic

For me, this anniversary marks a special moment to think about not only what happened but how we can move forward. We are in no way out of the woods yet, but it appears our darkest days are behind us. 

OpEd: Voting is an Act of Choice and an Exercise of...

Many people seem to confuse democracy and capitalism. Some seem to think that capitalism defines our system of government. However, our governance is based on democratic principles, including the importance of voting. Capitalism is about economics, not governing.

OpEd: Support Local Restaurants in Their Time of Need

I have watched as restaurant owners worry over an uncertain future, staff get cut after years at the same establishment and mom-and-pop shops close their doors for the last time.

OpEd: Let’s Move Forward As Americans First With Healthy Debate

For our nation to thrive, we need our economy growing, our national security strong, our freedoms defended, our Constitution protected, and, most importantly, we need presidential transfers of power to be peaceful.

OpEd: Technology Is Key To Long Island’s Economic Growth

During the pandemic, we have seen how the power of technology allows businesses to continue to operate. But businesses will need to keep leveraging technology to continue adapting and stay competitive.