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How to Help a Child Bond With Their Special Needs Classmate

“My child has a special needs classmate. What should I do next? How can I help make this a positive experience for everyone?” Chances are, if you love asking about your child’s social scene at school, you will come across these questions.

Cool Subscription Boxes to Keep Kids Occupied

Subscription boxes and activity kits are a creative way for your children to create, imagine, and learn about the world around them while making it easy for parents to entertain their kids.

How to Teach Your Children Boundaries to Form Fulfilling Friendships

There are times when our children come home from school deflated because another kid left them feeling down. If this is occurring with some frequency, we may need to help our children set boundaries to develop fulfilling friendships. 

Parenting Techniques For Raising Resilient Children

The past 18 months have been rough, the global pandemic has knocked us off our feet and challenged families in all facets of life. It has been a test on our endurance, relationships, and mental health. 

5 Tips For Getting Your Kids Started on Chores

Chores are not only great for showing kids how to do tasks they will need to know once they grow up, but it also teaches them responsibility. 

Expert Tips on Signs and Steps to Take For Babies With...

Tired parents who are adjusting to their new baby have a lot on their plate so when the baby starts to cry, like a lot, it may take a bit of time to know when it is colic. 

Summer Reading List for Early Readers Through Young Adults 2021

Having a summer reading list is an awesome way to pass some time while also keeping your kids’ creative juices flowing and not falling into the summer slide!

Signs of ADHD in Children and How to Address Them

Many children are fidgety at times, forget to turn in an occasional assignment, or misplace their favorite shirt.  However, if you find these scenarios frequently occurring with your child or you notice that he is constantly distracted, forgetful, disorganized, or unfocused, your child may have ADHD. ‎

Long Islanders Have Mixed Opinions on Children Getting the Covid Vaccine

Emergency use authorization of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine was expanded to include children as young as 12 years old on May 10.

5 Greatest Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids

Summer Snacks for Kids! When fresh fruits and veggies and whole foods aren’t on hand or just aren’t handy for your kid’s tastes, try these new and...