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Why Suffolk’s Water Protection Program Ruling Is A Win For Voters

The ruling not only protects the environment, it preserves the rights of voters.

Suffolk Sued for $117M in ‘Over-taxation’

An estimated 340,000 residents of the county’s Southwest Sewer District No. 3 are allegedly owed a refund of about $1,542 each.

Consolidation Advocates Keep Pressure on Special Taxing Districts

The status quo has a lot of staying power, but there have been developments in consolidating Long Island special districts.

Advocates to Sue Suffolk Over Tapping Environmental Fund

“Once you’re willing to steal money from a lock box, you’ve lost any confidence.”

Suffolk Comptroller, Treasurer Merger Bill Seen as Ploy

“This is not a merger, this is a hostile takeover.”

Suffolk’s Foley Nursing Home Closure Incites Anger, Sadness and Suspicion

“Morale is horrible. We’re like walking zombies. Then 20 minutes before your shift ends, they give you a termination letter: ‘Goodbye!’”