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Getting To Know The Uniform Bar Exam

This July, the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) will be held in New York for the first time. It's important to find out what this means for New Yorkers, and those in other UBE states.

Study Practices To Help Law Students Pass New York’s First Uniform...

New York has officially adopted the Uniform Bar Exam, or UBE, which means the individual state bar exam will be no more. Anyone looking to become a lawyer in The Empire State will now have to take another exam starting in just a few months.

Uniform Bar Exam (UBE): A Game Changer for Law School Graduates

Experts argue that state-specific exams are deterrents to economic progress, primarily because students who showed their aptitude in state bar exams but wanted to take up law in another state would have to sit down for an exam specific to that state. That means more time studying for another state-oriented exam and more money spent on a test, despite having already proved their mastery of the law.

Uniform Bar Exam To Replace New York Bar Exam This July

The New York Bar Exam will be replaced by the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) beginning in July. This change means that applicants studying for the bar exam must also pass this new exam if they want admission to the bar in New York. They will also be required to take an online New York law course and pass a multiple choice exam with 50 questions specific to New York law, according to the New York State Bar Association.

Pieper Bar Review Question of the Day Starts March 1

Pieper Bar Review will be offering subscribers a Question of the Day beginning March 1, 2016 to further help them prepare for the bar exam.